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About Us

We believe and teach the historic Christian faith as applicable to all of life, not just as a “religious duty” or emotional high.

We believe that Lord’s Day worship is the gathering of Christ’s people into the presence of the Almighty to give him the honor due His Name; to enjoy His blessing and fellowship; and to receive of Him forgiveness of sins, joy of life and instruction for service.

Upcoming Liturgy

Order of Worship – January 05, 2020


Recent sermons can be found on WordMP3 and archived sermons are still located on our website.


11th Annual History Conference

Dr. Christopher Schlect Covenant Bible Church November 2, 2019 EAGLE RIVER GRACE CHURCH 17850 BIRCHTREE ST, CHUGIAK Dr. Christopher Schlect (PhD. Washington State University) has earned eleven competitive awards for his research on early 20th century Protestant religious life. He was a 2012 Research Fellow at the Presbyterian Historical Society, and has been awarded the 2016-17 […]