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About Us

  • Our weekly covenant renewal worship service is held Sundays at 2:00 PM at Eagle River Grace Church in Chugiak.
  • Covenant Bible Church is a member of Anselm Presbytery of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.
  • An Explanation of the Worship Practices at Covenant Bible Church What the Old Testament Teaches Us A Note About Liturgy Translating Old...
    How We Worship
  • We believe and teach the historic Christian faith as applicable to all of life, not just as a “religious...
    What We Believe
  • Covenant Bible Church subscribes to the Westminster Confession of 1647 as its primary Confession of Faith. The Confession may...
    Confessional Standards
  • Pastor Jack Phelps Jack Phelps has been the Pastor of Covenant Bible Church since April, 1984. Originally licensed to preach...