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Gerhard Groote – Laboring under Submission

The concept of “nations” (nationhood) is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the past, tribal entities, language groups, ethnic identities and cultural heritage were what formed borders in the ancient world. Empires (e.g., Greek, Roman and Ottoman) sometimes reached across these borders and created some integration, but generally did not breach the local commonalities. Just as often they were resented in various regions. Religion, however, often provided an overarching unity; the Roman Church in most of Europe formed a significant unity for the first time in that part of the world….

Groote – Laboring Under Submission (PDF)

Reading List for Christian Young People

A Book List for Understanding Key Theological Issues (PDF)

St. Anselm

When the Church needed orthodox guidance on the Trinity and Person of Christ God, in his providence, provided a man to articulate the doctrine clearly and powerfully.

Otto Scott – A Tribute

Otto Scott walked this earth for nearly 88 years. During those nearly nine decades, he influenced many people, including a large number who never met him, was respected by his peers, feared by leftists of all parties, and dearly loved by those who knew him best.