Exposition in Ephesians

Book of Ephesians series by Jack E. Phelps

Exposistion in Ecclesiastes

Book of Ecclesiastes series by John McNeely

Memorial Day Message

An American historian once stated that in all of history, no civilization has survived the loss of its faith. This statement is not to be doubted, but it has a corollary. That is, every civilization has a faith.
Moreover, every…

Exposition in Hosea

Book of Hosea series by Jack E. Phelps

Ukraine Relief

Information about the war in Ukraine.

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2022 Annual Church History Conference

2022 Annual Church History Conference

November 4-5, 2022 Schedule Friday 7:00 PM – Pub Night (location TBA) Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM - Eagle River Grace Church, ChugiakLunch included Saturday Talks A Theology of Friendship in Augustine of Hippo - Rev. BritoLife of Augustine of Hippo - Rev. BritoLife of...

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The Greatest Event on Planet Earth

A Christmas Homily Virtually every period in human history is marked by a significant event, one that people remember and use to mark a turning point in the lives of men. Let us consider a few of them. The Fall of Adam in the Garden – This plunged mankind into...

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Our Inheritance

February 18, 2024