Lord’s Day Worship

August 2, 2020

God Calls His People to Worship

Call to Worship
Reading from Psalm 47
Psalm of Praise – All Peoples, Clap Your Hands for Joy

God Cleanses His People

Reading from the Law – Exodus 8:1-15
Confession of Sins†

Sursum Corda*

God Consecrates His People

Hymn of Praise – If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
Hymn of Praise – Wondrous King, All-Glorious
Reading from the Prophets: Daniel 10:10-21
Reading from the Gospels: Matthew 19:1-15
Catechism Lesson: Heidelberg, Lord’s Day 16
Sermon: Acts 13:44-52 – A Light of the Gentiles
Prayer of the Church

God Communes With His People

Liturgy of the Eucharist
Gloria Patria
Song of Triumph

God Commissions His People


Italic Print indicates congregation standing.
† indicates congregation kneeling for prayer.
* indicates congregation raising hands in gratitude for God’s grace.

CBC Elders: Rev. Jack Phelps, Mr. Jerry Allsup.
CBC Deacons: Mr. Steve Howe, Mr. Fred Phelps, Mr. Derrick Honrud
Pastor’s telephone: (907) 746-2123
Email contact: session@covenantbiblechurch.com
Church website: www.covenantbiblechurch.com
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