Summary of Beliefs


The primary objective of Covenant Bible Church is to celebrate and advance the
crown rights of King Jesus, proclaiming him to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Her members seek to do this by living and teaching in accordance with the Holy
Scriptures, which are the only reliable source of true knowledge and wisdom
throughout the ages.

What We Believe

We believe and teach the historic Christian faith as applicable to all of life, not just as a “religious duty” or emotional high.

We believe that Lord’s Day worship is the gathering of Christ’s people into the presence of the Almighty to give him the honor due His Name; to enjoy His blessing and fellowship; and to receive of Him forgiveness of sins, joy of life and instruction for service.

We believe that men, women and children are all privileged to participate fully in the life of the church, and that Christianity is a call to all races, nations and tongues to again reflect the image of God – the condition in which mankind was originally created.

We believe that all honorable vocations are equally under the dominion of Christ and constitute service to God. Holy living is not just for clergy or a special class of religious zealots. Rather, all men are called to honor God in their daily living.

We believe that, through the proclamation of the Gospel, the whole world will be redeemed and the conditions of Eden – all of life working in harmony with God’s purposes – will be restored to Earth in the last day.

We believe that Jesus Christ – born, crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended – is the only Hope of mankind and that He must reign until all enemies, including death, are defeated.